Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Quinoa Log With Broccoli and Tomatoes

I douse these greens in water every day, and arrange them in water. (It's a bit like flower arranging)

Compromise is the word that springs to mind today.  I made a Quinoa Log with broccoli and tomatoes.  I used 3 eggs, which I like to cook thoroughly, to bind it; the compromise being that I don't like to overcook the broccoli; the answer being to cut the broccoli in large chunks, so that the eggs cook before the vitamins in the broccoli are completely frazzled. 

These big chunks of broccoli should'nt lose too many vitamins. (Sorry it's out of focus)

It looks yucky now

Here's what I did.

Bring to the boil:

½ a cup of dry Quinoa
1½ cups of water
½ an onion diced
2-3 small mushrooms diced

Then turn it down to the lowest heat.  Quinoa takes about 15 minutes to cook and the onions and mushrooms will be just about right by that time too.

 When it's cooked, mix in:

75grams of broccoli (large chunks)
1 tomatoe diced
3 eggs
1 heaped tablespoon of soya flour
1 heaped tablespoon of porridge oats
½ teaspoon of bouillon mix
½ teaspoon of black pepper
Quinoa Log With Toasted Sunflower Seeds
½ teaspoon of turmeric

Let it stand for half an hour to let the soya flour and porridge oats soak up the egg and bind the whole thing.
Grease the bottom of a plate or casserole dish and throw a bed raw porridge oats onto that.  Then heap the ingredients on top of that; it should be quite stiff now because the egg will have bound the whole lot together.  Sprinkle some raw porridge over the top and sides (it's a bit like pebble dashing the walls of your house). 

Lay it aside, or refrigerate until about 20 minutes - half an hour before you're ready to eat, because that's how long it takes to microwave it.  If you want to toast the oats for better presentation, you'll need another 10 minutes.  I've sprinkled soaked sunflower seeds onto the one above, and lightly toasted them under the grill.  It's not a good idea to over cook seeds; it damages the omega oil.

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Monday, 30 May 2011

No Carrots or Celery Today

Douse Your Green Vegetables Daily in Water Then Let Them Drink 24/7

Simple Sweet and Sour Sauce
I had no carrots or celery today, so I couldn't make a proper mirepoix.  I had no sweet potatoes either. 

Anyway, I had some mandarin oranges and an apple, so I doubled the amount of chopped onions, chopped up three mandarins and an apple, and added a heaped tablespoon of tomato puree to counteract the sweetness of the fruit.  Then I seasoned it with ½ teaspoon of turmeric and 1 heaped teaspoon of Fajita seasoning.  That gave me a sweet and sour sauce, which worked out fine. 

As usual, I chopped up some cabbage and put it on top of the mirepoix.  I'll steam it lightly on top of the mirepoix at the lowest heat at mealtime. 

I'd used all the sprouted mung beans, so I soaked some sunflower seeds, and mixed them in with the sauce and cabbage:


3 small onions
1 Granny Smith eating apple
3 mandarin oranges

Cook for 1 hour at the lowest heat. You can add vinegar to this; I don't.


½ teaspoon of turmeric
1 heaped teaspoon of Fajita seasoning
1 heaped tablespoon of tomato puree

Steam then mix in:

4 enormous cabbage leaves - chopped
A handful of sunflower seeds

We had fish kedgeree made with quinoa and broccoli with that.  You'll get that recipe below.
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Fish Kedgeree Made With Quinoa and Sprouted Mung Beans

Pharpin' All Night

I'm cooking for myself today and as usual, I'm getting my meal ready for tonight.  I won't be hungry until about 6 o'clock because I have a big bowl of pinhead oatmeal every day just before midday:

1 heaped cup of pinhead oatmeal
 2 level cupfuls of water - (if you know how to heap water let me know and I'll change that to 1½ heaped cupfuls of water, arf arf.)

I didn't have any sweet potatoes left today so I chopped up two small eating apples instead - and to counter the sweetness of the apples I've mixed in a tablespoon of tomato puree (evenly heaped - work that one out if you can).

So today's concoction:


1 onion
1 large carrot
2 Royal Gala eating apples
1 mushroom
1 stick of celery

I cooked it on the lowest heat for 1 hour and mixed in:

½ a teaspoon of turmeric
1 heaped teaspoon of Cajun mix
1 heaped tablespoon of tomato puree

I chopped up:

1 tomato
4 large leaves of cabbage
Some celery leaves chopped

I have a couple of good handfuls of sprouted mung beans waiting in the fridge and I'm soaking some sunflower seeds just in case I'm hungry.

When the mirepoix cooled, I threw the cabbage, tomato and celery on top.  I’ll put the pan on at the lowest heat possible tonight and gently heat the mirepoix, which will lightly steam the cabbage etc on top.

I'm off to work now, and I'll see later how that lot tastes.

Result: Pretty good - but, as usual, I'll be pharpin' all night now.