Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It’s Only Me - I’ll Catch Ya’ Later

 Why is it that the one numptie that I least want to see, has to come out with irritating sayings like, "It's only me"?  "Only!" he says, as if that should ease my mind - when I'm really thinking, "Trust him to turn up now - like a vicious bout of diarrhoea whilst scaling the Ben Nevis.  Click here for more

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Will Kindness Come Back Into Fashion?

I expect we’ll see a decline for a while, in the sort of ideology that has dominated society in recent decades, and some progress in the perspective that material wealth is not the entire measure of our worth. Maybe we’re due for a cultural shift, from one of taking, to one of sharing, from divisiveness to inclusiveness - from one of preying upon one another, to one of working for one another. More

Will Kindness Come Back Into Fashion?