Friday, 3 June 2011

The Schneechie-cat caught a bat last night

The Abominable Schneecher On the Prowl (after the cameraman)

Do Bats Give You Rabies?
The Schneechie-cat brought a bat in last night.  I recognised the predatory sounds; the barging around the floor in stops and starts - and mice squeak, birds cheep but the sound of a hunted bat is something else.

I've always thought there's 'something of the night' about the Schneecher. Or am I thinking of Michael Howard MP?  If Anne Widdecombe said that, it must be right.  I've always thought that they're two of a kind - the unkind, kind.  Or, to put it another way - he has a kind face; the kind you'd like to stick the nut on.

Anyway, I got the Schneecher to lay off, then I thought I should pick it up and evict it, then I thought I'd better not, because I couldn't remember whether bats bite or not.  So I got a glove and picked it up with that, whilst distracting the Schneech. 

I couldn't remember what, but there was something about bat bites being dangerous in the news a few years ago.  It was some kind of disease, which I couldn't remember until I told my wife about it this morning and she said, "Bats give you rabies”.  Then she said, “I’m glad I wasn’t there”.  I bet the bat could empathise with that.

Then I remembered that some guy in Aberdeen had died of rabies after a bat bite.  So, then I started foaming at the mouth, because I was cleaning my teeth. That wee bat didn't get a chance to bite me, but unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the Schneech - her and me have compromised:  She does what she likes, and so do I (do what she likes).

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