Sunday, 8 January 2012

Healthy Cheeseless Cheesy Broccoli

Add 1 cup (6 fluid oz) of water to these dry ingredients and give it a whirl in the microwave for 3-5 minutes.
Here's another way I use my Healthy Cheeseless Cheese Sauce.  You'll get the recipe here.

I've chopped up about 150g of broccoli and chucked it in along with the quinoa flakes, mustard powder, ground turmeric and seasoning. 

Add the yoghurt,lemon juice and canola/rapeseed oil to this

I've given it a 3 minute whirl in the microwave at the porridge stage.  3 minutes won't destroy too much of the vitamins in the broccoli but if you want to keep the broccoli raw, just add it along with the 'uncooked ingredients'.  You'll get that sort of info at my Hubpages blog here. 

Cheeseless Broccoli Cheese in minutes
I'd leave my broccoli uncooked if it were fresh out of the garden, but this is supermarket stuff, so I cook it lightly just in case there's dodgy bacteria present.

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